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Step 1 – SEO site audit
Always start by identifying the problems of technical internal site optimization
Your site does not bring customers from search engines?
Send your request and we will do a free express SEO analysis

Step 2 – Internal technical SEO site optimization
We optimize the site for the recommendations of search engines: we eliminate functional errors, optimize landing pages for targeted key requests. We connect analytics tools and alert them to external SEO promotion. The first search traffic appears

Step 3 – External SEO-site promotion
Ensuring the promotion of thematic requests to the first pages of the issue and the growth of site traffic from search engines. We are constantly working to ensure that the site complies with the recommendations of Yandex and Google. Your business is starting to quote online. The brand becomes recognizable and the number of sales is growing.

SEO optimization

We use only "white" SEO techniques.

Individually we approach the development of a strategy for each company, competently determine the target audience and sources of effective promotion, which helps the site to attract more paying visitors and generate revenue for the company.

SEO optimization of your site

Monthly reporting

The cost of promoting and optimizing your web site for search engines is discussed individually after SEO analysis. Usually site optimization is a one-time order.

SEO promotion

Promotion on other thematic sites and media portals

An integrated approach and analytics allow you to increase the number of orders on a monthly basis, while reducing the cost of attracting customers.

SEO promotion of your site

Monthly reporting

The price of website promotion and optimization for search engines is discussed individually after the SEO analysis. Usually website promotion lasts up to six months, it all depends on the project.

Technologies that we use

инструменты сео

The price of SEO optimization and promotion depends on the project and is discussed individually.