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PPC service overview

Pay per click (PPC) – This is an advertising model used on the Internet, in which the advertiser places ads on websites, and pays their owners for clicking on the placed banner (text or graphic) or the “body” of the document (a classic example is the clickunder ad code). Thus, the advertiser buys his clients on the Internet.

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PPC details

Cost per click is the amount that the advertiser pays to search engines and other online publishers for one click on his advertising, which brought one user to his site.

The advertiser and the online advertising system agree on a certain amount for each click and the expense of the daily, weekly or monthly budget.

The main factor influencing the cost per click is STR (the number of transitions from the number of impressions) and the relevance of the advertisement to the advertised page.
For advertising in Egypt, Europe and other countries with English-language queries, we use Google. For the Russian-speaking population – Google and Yandex.

We charge only for setting up advertising. Account balance replenishes the client

The Process

Creation and configuration

Automatic settings are applied.

The price starts from 25$ per project and launch

Pricing for each project depends on your needs, we discuss everything

Save your money

We follow the project and after training the robot we make adjustments.

Trust us to drive your ads.

We will track the Internet and make all the necessary changes to your advertising to reduce its cost.

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