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Digital marketing service overview

Digital marketing is the newest type of Internet resource management in a complex style.

Digital promotion is successfully used in online stores, online learning, selling services and products with a long transaction cycle, in MLM and real estate agencies, to promote the brand of large companies and start-ups.
In short, today digital technology is a decisive factor for success and advancement in every area of ​​business, which gives indisputable competitive advantages.

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Digital Strategy
Task definition for digital communication. The position of the product / brand in the market, its recognition, distribution, sales channels, etc.: how do these factors influence the communication strategy and how do they determine the need for communication in digital

Digital marketing strategy: the necessary conditions and place in the overall marketing strategy

SMM strategy. Its role in the overall marketing strategy of the brand, especially the audience and work with Facebook, Youtube & Instagram. Trends in SMM

Optimization of advertising campaigns. Automation of advertising campaigns.

Digital media

Google Media Tools

Web analytics


Project Management & Digital Production

The project through the eyes of the client: internal procedures, expectations, efficiency


Our price list

Analyzing your business and making recommendations
Identification of holes in business, creating a business model

The price is discussed individually.

Creating a digital marketing model for small businesses
Digital Model Testing
Isolating a personal marketer for your business for your needs
Creating a digital marketing plan and implementing it for your company
$1500/mo minimum price

Or $450 per week (5-6d)

All-day digital marketing specialist deals only with your project
Digital Model Testing

Our application of digital marketing